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    The FF4 Chronicle is certainly not the only site on the web for Final Fantasy IV fans. No sir! Here are some links to official Square-Enix sites and some of the coolest FF4 sites built by fans of the game. Many of the fan-site webmasters are friends of mine, who I respect highly. I encourage you to check them all as you search for FF4 related sites on the net!

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Official Square-Enix Sites


Aywren's Final Fantasy IV mega fan site...Art, fan art, Fan Fics, information, role-play, fan manga...just about the biggest fan-based domain for FF4 fans on the net. Definitely a must see. Many of the other webmasters below have contributed to Aywren's Fan Archive (including myself). Know what, see that link up there? You should have clicked it by now.

YES! As of 2023 Aywren's site is still out there after all these years, with it's original Web 1.0 layout! And she appears to be updating it and a personal blog. Check it out!

The "Not Serious!" website by Subaru-san, a person of Japanese origin, has a great Final Fantasy IV section. The link above goes to an English mirror of the FF4 website. This one is truly unique. Don't let the website's name fool you, Subaru-san has very serious information and treats Final Fantasy IV as a story and not as a game (Yes!) which means it has to be good ^_^. Subaru-san also makes use of the four NTT game books (which I'm sure are easer for Subaru to read) Check it out, I know you'll like it.

YES! As of 2023 Subaru's site is STILL out there too, in all it's 2007-ish Web 1.0 glory!
Alex's Final Fantasy IV section of his domain has a lot to offer. Full size gifs of each world map, Bios on all the characters, Wallpapers, Screenshots, and much more. Another great stop in the online world of Final Fantasy IV!

YES! As of 2023 it's clear Alex has kept this site going all these years, and he keeps the content fresh! He's even got data on the PSP and current Pixel Remaster versions of the game. Same with his main site, fantastic! Check it out!

Dawezy's Final Fantasy IV Network is one damn good FF4 site. He's got loads of great info and content on/about the game. There's also a lot of fan-based creations, like custom sprites and sprite theatre. Great FF4 site with a lot of personality and good humor.

Dawezy's site seems to have vanished sometime after 2005, but what was there is pretty accessible on the Wayback Machine (links above).

A great in depth coverage FF4 site run by Mathus. Lots of great content coming from many of the rare sources such as the NTT game books, not only that but a huge database of other great content. Definitely a great resource on the game. Make sure to stop by!

After making a "Permanent Shutdown" announcement, Mathus took this site down shortly after March of 2005. The links above go to the Wayback Machine version.

Doc's Final Fantasy IV Fan Site. Good info, great selection of Amano Art, lots of other great stuff check it out. Also be sure to also check out Doc's Fan Fiction "Final Fantasy White Light
" for a good Final Fantasy IV reading adventure too! You can visit Doc's homesite at: <>.

Doc stopped maintaining this site sometime around 2006 and it went down around 2008. The layout was a pretty complex Iframe frameset so, although it's archived on Wayback Machine (links above) it's hard to get to any of the content.

Character Shrines

Aa-chan's Melodic Solace character shrine was primarily devoted to Edward and Anna, as well as Palom, Porom and Tellah. She made a lot of her own digital artwork and posted a lot of creative content. However this site went down sometime in 2005. I kept up with her via Facebook, and she uses modern social media to vent her FF4 creativity these days. You can see what was on her old character shrine via the Wayback Machine at the links above.

This is a fairly eclectic (interest) site designed by the webmaster Chris (aka Unclemonkey). He's into sprite graphics and lots of Final Fantasy stuff...including Final Fantasy 4. There are also portions of the site of a more personal nature too. I'd have to say it's his home on the web. Have a look!

Chris' site didn't sty around for too terribly long, but what it had can be found on the Wayback machine at the links above.

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