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Hi There!

You're more than likely seeing this page because you wondered what "paladinet.com" was at the end of one of my email addresses. Or perhaps I linked an image somewhere that's hosted from this domain? In any case all that's here is this placeholder landing page. Exciting isn't it!

Someone passing by might even remember me from the heady web 1.0 days in the late 90's and early 2000's. Possibly as a forum member and later RPG moderator at the original CMGSCCC.com forums, or possible from Awyren's Sygnus.org's forums? Yup, that is/was me ^_^ ... a long long time ago in college far far away... In any case I've generally stopped creating custom personal web content, what with all the social media sites available... It's possible I'm doing something Anime related at the domain Anime-Habitue.com, however it's just as likely you'll find me updating things over at "MyAnimeList.com" instead. I have an Anime-related twitter feed that I never use... And if you remember the old web 1.0 days...I have archived my "Final Fantasy IV Chronicle" fan site. The links are over there...if you care.
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