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Hi There!

You're more than likely seeing this page because you wondered what "paladinet.com" was at the end of one of my email addresses. Or perhaps I linked an image somewhere that's hosted from this domain? In any case all that's here is this placeholder landing page. Exciting isn't it!

Erm...well not exactly. My really old Final Fantasy IV Fansite is still out here! There's a big 'ol link to it over to your left. It's an artifact from the early 2000's Web 1.0 days; an Iframe and table-templated fun time wonder. Oh, it's optimized for 800x600 and I fully recommend you use Netscape for it. Don't be your Grandma or some n00b and use IE4 kids.
Paladin's Old "Final Fantasy IV Chronicle" Fansite;

If you are just dying to get ahold of me for some reason, try paladin[at]paladinet.com

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